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Yeezy Boost V2 "Beluga" Face Masks

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Note: 3 pieces of N95 Masks included.
Pollution masks have steadily and unavoidably entered everyday life in China. They are one of the first lines of defense against the choking smog that regularly blankets major cities and are seen as a necessity by millions of city-dwellers.
As acceptance grows, masks are moving from function to high-fashion. Style-savvy types match it with their outfits and Chinese designers from Paris to Shanghai have incorporated Swarovski-studded pieces or post-apocalyptic looks into their runway shows.
Perhaps the most outlandish vision belongs to Beijing designer Wang Zhijun, who has turned the surgical-style masks into an art project to raise awareness about China's pollution problems.
By repurposing high-end sneakers -- the kind that have sneakerheads foaming at their mouths -- into designer face masks, he's hoping to make a personal statement about the impact of pollution, as well as start a conversation among his peers.
"The masks make an impression, but they also show that you can use basic, everyday stuff to bring change into your life," he says.
"If that helps to raise environmental consciousness, then I can consider myself fairly satisfied. Though there's much more to be done."