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Air Force 1 "Pale Ivory"

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The Nike Air Force 1's New Design Features Pastel Accents

There's nothing like a classic sneaker. The timeless designs that date as far back as the '70s and '80s (when rubber kicks first rose in popularity) still remain stylish today. Plus, OG silhouettes are constantly getting revamped with fresh looks to fit into our current style obsessions. We recently spotted a classic pair made over with a fun twist and we're obsessed: the Nike Air Force 1's new Shadow design comes in the prettiest pastel colorway that gives the vintage sneaker a quirky touch.

The pair features the Air Force 1's signature chunky but sleek shape with added layers of material on the uppers for a bulkier shoe that has tons of personality and stand-out power. Plus, its predominantly ivory exterior is decked out in gorgeous candy-colored accents like a soft lavender, a bright turquoise, a mint green, and a muted mustard yellow.